Bus Travel and Behaviour Expectations   

The school and the bus contractors work together to ensure the safety and well-being of all students while travelling on buses.  Parents are asked to discuss and reinforce the behaviour expectations set out over the page with their children.


Should you have any queries or concerns regarding bus travel, please contact the bus contractor directly or for further information regarding Department of State Growth (Transport) regulations refer to the following web site:


The school’s bus safety plan is available from the school office.


Bus Routes 
pig.png ​​​​​​
Bus No. 1 – Pipers Brook – Piglet
Travels from Pipers River to Pipers Brook and then towards Lebrina
Contractor’s name: Mrs R Mahnken 6395 1105
Bus No. 2 – Tunnel/Lebrina/ Doaks Rd – Duck
Travels from Lebrina Post Office, through Tunnel Road to school
Contractor’s name: DR and KL Brown 6395 1245

Bus No. 3 – Turners Marsh/Karoola – Tiger
Travels through Lalla, Karoola and Turners Marsh
Contractor’s name: Jacks Bus Service 6391 1739

Bus No. 4 – Town Bus – Bee
Travels to Launceston College
Contractor’s name: Jacks Bus Service 6391 1739

Bus No. 5 – Underwood/Prossers Rd - Giraffe
Travels along Underwood Rd, past Hollybank and along Prossers Rd
Contractor’s name: DR and KL Brown 6391 1245


Bus No. 6 – Second River Rd - Cow
Travels up Pipers River Rd via Second River Rd
Contractor’s name: Jacks Bus Service 6391 1739​
Bus No. 7 – The Glen Bus – Monkey
Travels from The Glen, Dalrymple Rd, Old Bangor Tram Rd, Bangor Rd and North Lilydale Rd
Contractor’s name: Martin and Tammy East 6395 4403 
Bus Behaviour Expectations 

Students are reminded that they are expected to:
  • WALK to buses and board immediately.
  • Take their seat and remain seated for the duration of the journey.
  • Act in a manner which supports the well-being and welfare of all
  • Refrain from using exceedingly loud, abusive or inappropriate language.
  • Respect the other passengers – no bullying or teasing.
  • Ensure that all possessions are safely stored preferably in school bags under seats or in the overhead rack.  No items should be kicked or thrown around the bus.
  • Request assistance from the Bus Monitor if needed.
  • Report any dangerous or inappropriate behaviour to the Bus Monitor, driver, parents or school.
  • Inform the Bus Monitor if they will not be travelling home on the bus.
Students must not:  (as set out in the Transport Act)
  • Eat or drink while on a bus.
  • Create a disturbance which threatens the well-being of others, and is disruptive.
  • Bully or harass or be violent towards others.  
  • Move about the bus except when boarding, disembarking or at the request of the driver or the Bus Monitor.
  • Interfere with, or damage the property of others, or the bus.