The school canteen is run by the school with direction from the Canteen Committee, which is comprised of parent representatives and school personnel. The Canteen Manager is employed by the school under the Department of Education Conditions of Service to oversee the day to day running of the canteen. The manager has a Certificate of Food Safe Training and works to see that the food is produced hygienically.
The canteen has been undergoing a rigorous process in order to achieve Cool Caps (Canteen Accreditation Program) accreditation. The school has voluntarily been involved in this program to develop and maintain health promoting foods. The Cool CAP strongly encourages our canteen to increase the range of healthy choices and restrict or limit the least appropriate foods and beverages.
In order for the canteen to operate, we rely on parents’ support. Students need to order lunches to be delivered to the classroom. Parents are encouraged to support the canteen by volunteering to work on the canteen roster. This may be an infrequent visit, or a regular commitment.
Working in the canteen is an interesting way to experience a different facet of school life. Parents can be involved in the preparation and planning of food, and during recess and lunch times serve at the counter, selling food and drinks. Those people who are not comfortable serving and/or handling money are welcome to just help out with food preparation and clean up – discuss this with our canteen manager.  Children of all ages take great delight in visiting their parent at the canteen to request some special snack!
The current Canteen Manager, Mrs Kathleen Blair welcomes new faces into the kitchen and is very adept at demonstrating and guiding parents in the art of catering to lots of hungry children.

Qkr! Has Arrived​

We are excited to offer all parents the ability to order and pay for your child’s school lunch using your smartphone, tablet or computer.
The new Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) by MasterCard application is a secure and easy way to make school payments at your convenience.  We encourage all parents to use Qkr! as it reduces the need to send cash to school or attend in person, and receipts are automatically generated that can be easily retrieved on the app or sent to your email.  Apart from making life easier for families, it also significantly streamlines operations with the school canteen.
The Qkr! app can be downloaded for free from Apple’s app store for iPhones (iPads to download iPhone version) or from Google Play for Android phones and tablets.  The Qkr! ‘How-to’ Guide shows you how to download the app, register yourself and your children, and pay for a variety of school items.  If you are unsure of your children’s Year group, please contact the office.