Our Vision
At Lilydale District School we are developing resilient, self-directed learners who are creative problem solvers and flexible thinkers. We are an innovative school, passionate about lifelong learning.  Our school community is aspirational, working in partnership to nurture successful and respectful members of society.
Our School Community
At Lilydale District School we:
  • recognise our various roles and the part we each play in the successful outcomes of our school community
  • value our parents and the community as active partners in the learning and growth of our students
  • develop resilient learners through structured social and emotional learning opportunities
  • have an unwavering focus on Literacy and Numeracy through the use of authentic, evidence based teaching and learning across all subjects
  • develop respectful relationships and effective communication between members of our community
  • support all learners to be creative, higher order thinkers 
  • utilise  professional learning teams to help plan, assess and review our classroom teaching and personalise learning to the individual
  • use data to inform our practice
  • treat all members of our community with unconditional positive regard

invest in the creation of learning environments that support all our school and students as we prepare for work in an ever changing world.


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